Sunday, December 16, 2007

What is Magic (K)?


Magic or Magick is to do an act to make change in your or someone elses life. First we will get to why the K is added in Magick. Aleister Crowley a great occultist added a K to magic to differ from stage magic to the magic you are reading about right now. Aleister Crowley isn't the person you want to study under if you are a beginner. He is a great occultist but his dark ways aren't for everyone. I advise you to go by the law of three: what ever you send out, you shall get back times 3. Do good magick, good things will happen to you, do negative magick, negative things will happen to you.
How it works

Magick is both easy and hard to understand. Magick works by the practitioner conjuring and focusing his or her own intent and energy (some call it personal power) on a goal. As that is being done what is happening there is a ripple in the universe, and that goal is being manifested. Now when I say ripple I don't mean the universe being destroyed or anything like that, I mean by the universe has captured your request and is approving it. Sort of like a job, if you do not focus and work hard (focus your intent and energy for the spell) you won't get high pay (your spell won't work very well).

Using Candles

Candle magick is the use of a candle and the intent and focus of energy as we discussed above to achieve a spell. The candle is a widely used and beneficial tool, which you will come across a lot in magick. It helps your goal manifest better, or gets you higher pay in other words. Below are the candle colors and correspondences or meanings you can use them for.

White candles can be used for any work of meditation or magick. They can be used in place of every other color except black. They symbolize positive energy and good will.
Yellow is an expanding wave length. Use for the bringing about of desired results, for expanding and stimulating ritual purpose, specifically attraction and persuasion.
Orange is again a stimulating color. Use for attraction of people or objects and to obtain desired results.
Gold is for the attraction of wealth. Best used for drawing money, prosperity, and success.
Pink candles are the gentle love candles. Use them for returning a lost love, bringing in a new love, releasing depression, and increasing friendship.
Red is a powerful energy candle. Use it for strength, emotional stimulation, generating power, sexual stimulation and love.
Green is the color of growth. Use green to promote health, finances, good luck, fertility; any goal requiring balance and renewal.
Brown the Earth candle. Use brown to ground. Use to create stability, security, or conversely, use brown to create instability and indecision.
Blue is serenity, peace, and tranquility. Use blue for creative expression, understanding, and patience.
Dark blue/indigo This is the psychic candle. Use dark blue for wisdom and self-awareness. Use for protection, causing change, and building psychic abilities.
Purple Cosmic candle. Use purple for power, ambition, spiritual development, power over others, to connect with cosmic consciousness.
Black is the absence of all color, therefore the candle of negative power. Use to release all negative energies, to return negative energy, to absorb negative energies and to direct them.
Lunar Magick

I won't go very deep into this subject this time just explain it a bit. Lunar magick is magick that goes by the moon. Spell casting that depends on the moon phase. There are basically two lunar phases: waxing moon; ideal time for positive magick and, waning moon; ideal time for banishing negative magick, study, and meditation. In between, you will have a dark moon; the time of the greatest power for banishing and negative magick, and the full moon; the time of the greatest power for positive magick. You do not have to go by lunar magick, it is entirely your choice what type of magick you wish to pursue, study, or practice.
Closing Statement

That is my full article on the subject. I hope this has informed you well and remember abide by the law of three.